How it Works
Creating an Account,
Accessing Learning Resources &
Building Your Team

Skills Training Resources

Many successful artists and performers learn to wear a lot of hats.

Members gain access to our end-to-end learning resources including video tutorials, guides and templates that will teach you everything you need to know about using Gigpromoter. Material covered also includes selecting a venue and booking an event, building a promotional team, press & media resources, and event marketing & publicity
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Promotional Team Development

Gigpromoter was designed to help you develop the knowledge, skills and framework needed to successfully promote events independently.

Additionally, you'll have the option of adding promotional team members - which can be members of your band or ensemble, paid or volunteer promotional staff, friends & family, fans or anyone else that wants to help promote your event. Gigpromoter's skills-training resources also function as an onboarding tool to help build and train your promotional team - members of which won't be required to have any knowledge of event promotion or marketing prior to accessing Gigpromoter training materials.
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Using Gigpromoter
Working with Gigs,
Assembling Marketing Materials
& Publicity Resources, and
Promotional Calendar Task Management
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Coordinate Event Information

When you create a new Gig you'll be provided with one place to keep track of all of your event info.

Easily reference performance date, time and location; contact info for artist, venue staff, and promotional team members; and other event specifics including ticketing info and links.
Optionally, create Tour pages to quickly reference info from multiple Gigs for a tour or other series of events on a single page.
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Marketing Materials Checklist

Next you'll be provided with guides and templates to make sure you have all of the necessary marketing and promotional materials ready to go well in advance of your event.

Marketing materials include event graphics & flyers, press releases & one-sheets, and other promotional & social media content such as photos and video
Event promotion skills-training & productivity software

Gather Publicity Resources

Promoting an event using traditional publicity outlets can be very effective and costs can range from very little to nothing at all.

Gigpromoter will guide you step-by-step through the process of identifying and cataloging regional publicity resources that can help promote your event including targeted local networking & media outreach, online event calendar listings, television & print resources, and radio support
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Promotional Calendar
& Optional Email Reminders

Members of your promotional team will receive weekly emails from Gigpromoter that outline simple weekly tasks.

The Gigpromoter Promotional Calendar begins 8 weeks in advance and continues right up to the date of your event to make sure that you and/or your team are doing the right thing at the right time - we'll tell you when it's best to start compiling marketing materials and publicity resources - as well as the right time to send different types of promotional correspondence through the proper avenues
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